Call For Speakers

The 2019 Annual Forum of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions will take place in Washington DC, November 11 through November 13, 2019.  The Forum brings together over 300 business coalitions, employers, and healthcare system stakeholders to discuss best practices and emerging trends in management of employee health and health benefits.


We invite you to apply to be a speaker at this year’s event.  To do so, we ask that you complete our online Call for Speakers application in its entirety, accessible at [link for Call for Speakers].

The sections of the application include:

  • Speaker contact information and affiliation
  • Topic(s) of interest [See below]
  • Brief description of content of presentation
  • Experience as a speaker
  • Willingness to serve as a keynote, plenary, panel, and/or breakout session speaker
  • Suggestions of other potential speakers on topic [if willing to be a panelist]

Submission deadline: Friday, June 28, 2019

If you have any questions regarding the "Call for Speakers", please contact Margaret Rehayem. 

Topics of Interest

Health Benefits Strategy
•    Designing with discipline, data and dashboards
•    Employer case studies (including evidence-based benefit design, successful population health strategies, engagement beyond participation and mental & behavioral health)
•    Medical marijuana: Strategies for the workplace
•    Overcoming inertia: Mobilizing employers to lead the way in healthcare
•    Simplification through care navigation and advocacy
Healthcare Value
•    “Amazoning” of healthcare in America
•    Effective strategies for eliminating waste in healthcare
•    Healthcare consolidation: Implications for purchaser strategy
•    Hospital pricing: Using transparency to achieve equity
•    Innovation in behavioral health integration
•    Lessons learned from employer direct contracting
•    Rx pricing in transition: Strategies to improve value
Health Policy
•    Excellence in primary care: Advancing the value agenda
•    Leading disruption in healthcare: Haven and beyond
•    Personalizing prescription drug management
•    Radical healthcare consumerism
•    Rebuilding trust to drive engagement

Other topics that are relevant to the National Alliance, its members, and their employer members also will be considered.

Review Process

A Program Advisory Committee consisting of members of the National Alliance, will review speaker proposals for criteria including topic relevance and importance, innovation/uniqueness, speaker expertise, and ability for audience members to learn and act on presented information. 

National Alliance staff will review Advisory Committee recommendations and have sole responsibility for determining final agenda content.  All potential speakers who submit a speaking proposal will be contacted to obtain additional information or communicate the final determination. 

We will let you know the status of your submission by August 31, 2019. 

Important Notice for Service Providers & Vendors

  • If you are a service provider or vendor, you will be required to provide financial support as a sponsor for the event. There are different levels of sponsorship available. This helps to support the industry as a whole and due to our non-profit status, allows us to provide quality education and in-demand speakers to our event.
  • Note that  preference is given to submissions that include the employer/buyer perspective and/or successful case studies. 
  • At times it may be necessary for a presenter to refer to his or her business by name, but promotional efforts of any kind are considered a serious breach of the spirit of the conference. Speakers, presenters, and panelists are to refrain from promoting themselves and their businesses during presentations.