Full Name

Gaye Fortner

Job Title

President & CEO



Speaker Bio

Gaye Fortner, MSN, is President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthCare 21 Business Coalition. She has
a proven record of successfully assisting employers in managing the health of their employee population
through innovative, value-based approaches. She has developed, managed and evaluated a number of
funded studies dedicated to the management of chronic diseases, high risk lifestyle factors and conditions
having a high impact on productivity. Gaye has experience leading multi-stakeholder initiatives that
include analysis of the impact of VBBD, employee engagement strategies, employer-provider-health plan
collaborations, and development of tools and resources to enhance patient adherence. In addition, she
assists purchasers in selecting and reviewing disease management vendors and works to support
employers as they implement a HRM approach to improve employee health and reduce costs.

Gaye Fortner