Full Name
Rob Paczkowski
Job Title
Senior Director, Global Benefits
Speaker Bio
Rob has 28 years of experience in employee benefits. Specialty areas include health & welfare, wellness work/life, time off, international benefits and retirement benefits strategy, design and administration. Prior to eBay, Rob worked for several organizations including most recently Google and Capital One. Areas of focus include value based healthcare/direct contracting, transparency efforts, data analytics and a comprehensive high value healthcare strategy. In addition, Rob was an early pioneer in developing autism benefits and helping other employers implement those programs for their employees. Rob also has a passion for health care public policy and is active with the American Benefits Council and soon to be with the PBGH policy group. Rob now lives in San Jose, CA with his wife Connie and 14 year old son Jason. Rob also has two adult daughters and two dogs named Tuff and Angus.
Rob Paczkowski