Full Name
Andrew Crighton
Job Title
Crighton Consulting
Speaker Bio
Dr. Crighton is the founder of Crighton Consulting Group, designing innovative programs and initiatives to connect individual and corporate health with a special focus on health disparities and mental health in the workplace. He is a forward-thinking executive with international experience. Previously, he served as Chief Executive Officer of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer and Project Data Sphere®. In addition, Dr. Crighton operated as the Chief Medical Officer and head of the Global Health Organization for Prudential for 19 years where he oversaw health, safety, medical business consultation worldwide and led Global Health Emergency Planning. Dr. Crighton believes health and well-being encompass more than just an individual’s physical state. In his prior roles he led the strategic transformation towards a more holistic view of health, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and cognitive well-being. He worked to develop measures that show the impact of the work environment on each aspect of well-being at individual and organizational levels. Dr. Crighton’s vast experience in addressing health disparities include measuring the health impact of an insured population by race and developing solutions to mitigate the risk of disparate impact in a corporate environment.
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Andrew Crighton