Call For Speakers is now closed.  

The 2022 Annual Forum of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions will take place in Washington DC, November 7 - 9, 2022.  The Forum brings together over 400 employers, business coalition leaders, and healthcare stakeholders to discuss successful strategies and emerging trends in employee health, health benefits, delivery reform and health policy.

Thank you to everyone that submitted. Our Program Committee will review all submissions in the coming weeks. We will get back to everyone regarding their individual submissions. 

If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Rehayem at

Topics of Interest

Healthcare Value

  • Improving Payment Reform Alignment Across Markets  
  • Realign Incentives to Promote Equitable Access to Affordable High-Quality Care
  • Getting to Fair Pricing in Hospital Services: Markets vs Policy Reforms
  • Going Deep on High-Cost Claims Management
  • Getting Behind the Curtain to Optimize Drug Value
  • Bringing Advanced Primary Care Mainstream
  • Rebuilding Trust to Accelerate Collaboration & Impact
  • Moving from Consumer Engagement to Care Navigation & Advocacy
  • Integrating Innovation to Improve Healthcare Value

Health, Wellbeing & Benefits Strategy

  • Integrating Total Person Health into Vendor Management
  • Developing an Evidence-based Strategic Roadmap for Health & Wellbeing
  • Learnings in Value-based Design from the Pandemic
  • Engaging C-Suite and Other Health Leaders to Advance Transformation
  • Direct Contracting through Collective Action
  • Employer Case Studies: Leading Innovations & Impact
  • Next Generation Integration of Point Solutions
  • Adapting Strategies for a Hybrid Workforce
  • Rethinking Mental Wellbeing from the Ground Up     
  • Emerging Trends that will Disrupt the Future of Healthcare
  • Overcoming Structural Barriers to Behavioral Health Access

Health Equity

  • Practical Strategies to Advance Health Equity in Benefits
  • Navigating Emerging Disparities in Access by State
  • Addressing Individual Social Needs While Contributing to Community Wellbeing
  • Knowing the Facts about Subpopulations Disparities to Prioritize for Impact
  • Integrating Equity into Vendor Performance Assessment
  • Tailoring Population Health Management to Reduce Disparities

Health Policy

  • Likely Impact of the Mid-terms
  • Fiduciary Rights and Responsibilities to Drive Health, Market & Policy Reforms  
  • Activating on Affordability through State Health Policy  
  • The Federal Policy Agenda: What’s Possible and What Matters for Purchasers
  • Examining the Impact of Innovative Approaches to State Health Policy
  • ties

Other topics that are relevant to the National Alliance, its members, and their employer members also will be considered.

Review Process

A Program Advisory Committee consisting of members of the National Alliance will review speaker proposals for criteria including topic relevance and importance, level of innovation, appropriate value proposition for employers, speaker expertise, and ability for audience members to learn and act on presented information. 


National Alliance staff will review Program Advisory Committee recommendations and have sole responsibility for determining final agenda content.  Applicants may be contacted to provide additional information on submission.  

Applicants will be contacted on the status of your submission by August 31st, 2022 

Important Notice for Service Providers & Vendors

  • If you are a service provider or vendor, you will be required to provide financial support as a sponsor for the event. There are different levels of sponsorship available. Please check event website for details. This helps to support the industry as a whole and due to our non-profit status, allows us to provide quality education and in-demand speakers to our event.
  • Preference is given to submissions that include employers/purchasers as the main speaker.
  • At times it may be necessary for a presenter to refer to his or her business by name, but promotional efforts of any kind are considered a serious breach of the spirit of the conference. Speakers, presenters, and panelists are to refrain from promoting themselves and their businesses during presentations.