Impact of a Personalized Approach to Emotional Health
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 3:30 PM - 4:25 PM
Bruce Sherman Stuart Sutley Jennifer Hunter Maren Fragala
An estimated 50% of Americans are expected to develop a mental illness at some point across the lifetime, the majority of whom will remain undiagnosed or under-treated. For working adults, this treatment gap is associated with significant costs related to increased healthcare spend, disability, productivity loss, and presenteeism  In 2019 Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions launched Balance, a corporate mental wellness program that uses emVitals, a technology-based multi-condition behavioral health and wellbeing assessment to engage individuals in proactively assessing their overall emotional health.  When clinically indicated, Balance offers care concierge services to bridge employees to appropriate treatment.  Quest Diagnostics piloted the Balance program with a subset of its employee population to enable prevention, early identification and easy connection to care. This session will highlight why Quest Diagnostics made a commitment to employee emotional health and the insights and outcomes of the Balance program. 
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Virginia C
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