Full Name
Shemekka Ebony Coleman
Job Title
Chief Strategist & Consultant
100 Million Healthier Lives
Speaker Bio
‘Shemekka Ebony’ Coleman, MS in Counseling Studies, is engagement specialist and an activist for community, women, and children’s rights. She has lived experience facing health inequity and addressing food insecurity while leading others committed to creating healthy positive change in social ecosystems. Her experience as a community engager affords her a platform to create a secure place for economic empowerment and health equity engagement for those not being well represented. She serves her community as a high-demand speaker and provides services such as coaching and leadership training in community engagement. Shemekka Ebony has dedicated over 20 years of her life to specialize in advocacy for victims and their transformation. She is committed to raising awareness to several underrepresented populations such as survivors of victimization, health and wellness inequity, and food insecurity. Shemekka Ebony is also faculty at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, previously co-designing the RWJF funded SCALE grant. She serves as Leader for People with Lived Experience (PLE) engagement and Community Champion Steward for community leaders serving across the country. She has co-authored several articles, manuscripts, and toolkits addressing authentic engagement with target audience. You will find her continuing to share hope and inspiration through her missions work with #IAmBrilliant Community Engagement.
Shemekka Ebony Coleman