Full Name
Matthew Gibbs
Job Title
Capital Rx
Speaker Bio
Matt Gibbs, PharmD, is responsible for several of the core operations of the company. Matt has direct oversight for client services, client operations, benefit administration, customer contact center, clinical call center, and clinical operations & services. He remains involved in commercial activities to support the sales organization and the growth of the pharmacy benefit administration segment. Prior to joining Capital Rx, Matt worked in executive positions at Walgreens, Medco, and Anthem. Matt also served as President of EnvisionRx for five years and most recently led the pharmacy consulting practice at Aon. Matt graduated from Butler University with a Doctorate in Pharmacy and has a post-Doctorate fellowship from Amgen. Matt maintains an active pharmacy license in both Indiana and California. Matt enjoys playing in both indoor and beach volleyball leagues and he is an avid Soul Cycle rider.
Matthew Gibbs