Full Name
Scott Conard
Job Title
Converging Health
Speaker Bio
Scott Conard, MD, is a practicing family physician passionate about transforming healthcare to provide more convenience, increase access, significantly improve quality, and lower cost. He believes challenges can be best met with innovation, technology and accountability, and that "greater convenience, increased access, higher quality, and lower costs" are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the surest path to reduced costs lies in a better model of care that embraces preventative care, early detection, excellence in management of known conditions, and improved behaviors.

As a medical director for corporations and benefit coalitions, his experience in medicine, corporate leadership, and healthcare allows him to create the strategic plan and serve as the accountability "agent," leveraging this deep understanding as an integrator of effective interventions. His work in patient engagement has led to the development of a new model for chronic care management, building knowledge and skills, resulting in better health outcomes.

Dr. Conard believes that every company has a unique culture and needs that create opportunities to achieve significant improvement in health and lower costs.
Scott Conard