Full Name
Ronald Krauss
Job Title
Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Speaker Bio
Dr. Krauss' research program focuses on plasma lipoprotein metabolism and related traits that influence risk for coronary artery disease. His laboratory developed and applied methodology that led to the discovery of a common genetically-influenced atherogenic lipoprotein phenotype that underlies cardiovascular disease risk in patients with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. A major current research emphasis has been the identification of genetic determinants of the wide range of inter-individual variability in phenotypic and clinical response to statin treatment. Multiple statin-treated population samples are being examined to test the reproducibility and generalizability of findings derived from both candidate gene and genome-wide searches for SNP associations with markers of statin efficacy as well as muscle toxicity. Functional significance of genetic findings is being evaluated in appropriate human cellular and animal models, with the goal of connecting genotypes to clinically relevant determinants of cardiovascular disease risk.
Ronald Krauss